Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is offered for different types of properties such as warehouses, stores, retail outlets, fast food joints, restaurants, gyms, and others.

We offer the full array of commercial cleaning services for small and large businesses, whether established companies or startups.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning checklist:

• Disinfect and mop the floors
• Vacuum the carpets
• Empty the wastebaskets
• Disinfect and dust all surfaces
• Shine and disinfect the urinals and toilets
• Clean the outside and inside of toilets
• Wipe the paper towel dispenser
• Stock supplies (e.g. soap, toilet paper) in the restroom
• Disinfect the sinks
• Shine the doorknobs
• Remove fingerprints and marks from the windows
• Polish and clean the drinking fountains
• Clean butts from the urns
• Clean the window seals and glass doors
• Wipe and disinfect the door handles and light switches
• Dust all accessible flat surfaces such as baseboards and windowsills
• Mop, sweep, and clean all general locations

Other cleaning services:

• Disinfect the countertops and tables in the kitchen area
• Disinfect and wipe the bookshelves
• Vacuum the door runner
• Vacuum all offices
• Disinfect and wipe all phones and work desks
• Clean the trash areas and dumpster enclosure
• Thoroughly clean all fixtures and furniture
• Clean all kitchen equipment
• Polish stainless steel
• Mop and sweep the entrance
• Wipe down, disinfect, and dust the hall walls
• Wipe down and dust all edges

We specialize in commercial cleaning and use high quality detergents and solutions that are free of harmful chemicals and compounds. We will make sure that your office area, boutique, or pastry shop is dust-free and clean. Our goal is to offer superb eco-friendly services at affordable prices. Whether you run a store or a national chain, we will help you to maintain a clean environment and increase your customer base.

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