Domestic Cleaning

Professional domestic cleaning offers many advantages for busy homeowners – it helps relieve stress, saves time, and has a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

Domestic Cleaning

To help you maintain a perfectly clean home, we offer the following services:

Domestic cleaning checklist:


• Dust the blinds and hard surfaces
• Sweep the floors
• Polish wood
• Dust throughout and tidy


• Dust and wash the chairs and tables
• Remove marks from the door frames, woodwork, and switch plates
• Wipe all small appliances
• Clean the exterior of the stove, dishwasher, fridge, and oven
• Disinfect and scrub the sink
• Dust and disinfect the cabinet fronts to remove marks and fingerprints
• Wipe down and clean the backsplash and work areas
• Empty trash and replace the bag or liner
• Dust the baseboards and windowsills


• General light straightening
• Vacuum under bed
• Clean the mirrors and dust the picture frames
• Change linens
• Vacuum the carpeted areas

Other areas

• Clean the sliding doors
• Dust and clean the ceiling fans
• Dust the lamp shares
• Clean the glass tables
• Damp mop all tile and hardwood floors
• Dust all areas and surfaces
• Double scrub the tiles, shower, and tub
• Wash all doors and cabinet fronts
• Clean furniture, including sides, fronts, and legs
• Vacuum or dust the lamps
• Wipe or hand wash the baseboards
• Wipe, dust or vacuum the shutters and blinds
• Dust the mini-blinds
• Wipe or hand wash the ceiling fan blades
• Hand wipe all picture frames, ornaments, and knickknacks
• Shine and clean the chrome works
• Clean the toilet, including behind and the base
• Clean and disinfect the vanity top
• Rinse and clean the sink

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