Office Cleaning

We offer office cleaning services to help businesses maintain a clean, dust-free, and allergen-free environment.

We will clean all premises to help you to maintain a healthy work environment for your customers and worker to enjoy.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning checklist:

Offices and general locations

• Polish and dust all woodwork and stainless steel
• Disinfect and wipe down the workstations and chairs
• Clean and wipe down all keyboards, computers, and cabinets
• Disinfect all phones, work desks, surfaces, and equipment in the copier room, fax room, and data room
• Vacuum and sweep all offices
• Disinfect all door jams
• Vacuum the mats and hard floors
• Mop and clean the floors with disinfectant
• Collect bottles, papers, and garbage from the front entrance
• Spot clean all painted surfaces
• Polish bright and brass work
• Dust the touch points
• General dusting
• Remove cobwebs from the offices and front entry
• Sweep the stairs and elevators

Laboratory areas

• Disinfect and clean the outside of refrigerators
• Disinfect and clean the countertops and tables
• Sweep and mop the floor
• Throw out trash

Waiting area

• Disinfect and wipe all chairs, tables, and sinks
• Vacuum the carpets
• Clean the windows
• Dust all shelves
• Arrange magazines

Hallway areas

• Mop and sweep the stairways entrance
• Disinfect all walls and horizontal surfaces
• Wipe down and dust all countertops
• Mop, sweep, and clean all general locations and surfaces with tiles


• Stock facial tissue, hand towels, toilet paper, and hand soap
• Replace liners, empty waste receptacles
• Polish and clean the mirrors
• Sanitize and clean all basins
• Remove prints and dust
• Wipe down the hand dryers and hand towel dispensers
• Remove splash marks from partitions and walls
• Replenish restroom products and clean the vents

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