Terms and Conditions

The national average room size is used to calculate the price. The price is higher for dining rooms over 40 sq. m. and bedrooms over 20 sq. m.

We need access to running water and electricity and will assess a £40 non-refundable fee in case of failure to provide these. The keys provided should close and open all locks. A £40 non-refundable fee applies otherwise.

The amount is due on completion. We accept checks and cash payments. Your credit card number is required to make a booking.

Booking Cancellations
You can reschedule or cancel the service, but we require at least 24-hour notice. A cancellation fee of £40 applies if you fail to notify us. We accept cleaning jobs only if the property is safe for our staff. In case of accident, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the service.

Send us your complaint by writing within 24 hours of completion. We will investigate the case to resolve it, inspecting any disputed items and areas. We will repair any damages caused by our operatives or will offer to pay the actual cash value. Please store valuable and irreplaceable items away.

We cannot be held responsible for existing damages. We have Public Liability Insurance. Please defrost freezers in advance.

We require that all detergents and cleaning materials are provided by our customers. In case you need to cancel the service, contact us at least 24h before the scheduled appointment. A cancellation fee applies in case of failure to notify us. The fee is equal to the full charge of the cleaning service.

We schedule 2-hour appointments for the afternoons. For the weekly service, the minimum is 3h and for the fortnightly – 4h.

Additional charges apply for difficult access, no or limited parking, and certain high-traffic locations.